Explore gender and sexuality at the Pink Screen festival

If you are looking for some more information or a different perspective on the queer world, why don’t you take a look at the Pink Screens Festival? The event is organized by the non-profit organization Genres d’à coté and is this year at its 16th edition. It aims to promote a an alternative and more rich understanding of both sexuality and gender, presenting them through a number of engaging events and activities, to present the two topics under a different and more vibrant light.

Axolotl Overkill, Helene Hegemann 14 nov. 7PM @cinema nova

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The festival has a humorous, frank and holistic approach to gender and sexuality and tries to explain them in the most complete way through the screens (presenting movies, short films, documentaries and experimental movies) and through parties, expositions, debates and concerts. The idea is challenging people, bringing them closer to the queer reality and to topics that may appear difficult to access or understand from the outside, as for example the use of neutral pronouns, being polyamorous or redefining the concept of solidarity.

The festival also offers two sections, Get Naked? Oh my god! and Queercore. They both focus on specific topics connected to the queer agenda, trying to approach the common theme from different points of view. Queercore offers music, visual art and politics to re-live the history of the community and its development through time. Starting from the 1980s, it describes the gay-lesbian scene in relations to punk until nowadays proposing, among the many activities, some movies by G. B. Jones, one of the initiators of the movement. Get Naked? Oh my god! focuses more on the human body, its forms, complexities and relation with sexuality. The movies related to this category aim to challenge the perception we have of bodies and of those who inhabit them; they want to challenge the stereotypes and definitions that have been applied so far to nudity, sexuality and self-identity, reshaping them and bringing them close again to the viewer.

The festival will take place from the 9th to the 18th of November at Nova, and it will present a unique portrait of love, relations, gender and sexuality, inviting the visitors to challenge their ideas and perceptions and read, in a new way, the queer universe.