Brussels’ Little Asia Part V – Breaded pork heaven at Yamato

This little Japanese Ramen spot can easily be overlooked. It’s located not far from Little Tokyo  hidden on a corner, next to Place St Boniface. I guess I’ve seen the place many times before, but it was only when Francesco and Ugo from Racines told me about their favourite Ramen place in Brussels. Of course I had to try this place and went there spontaneously on a weekday’s evening.

I entered the place when it was around 7.15 pm and besides one guy and a couple there was no one else there. Lucky me, I thought, as you can’t make any reservations and the place can get quite crowded. The center part of the place taking up almost all space is the counter with around 12 seats I’d say and some sofas next to it, but I guess they’re there rather for the people waiting.


One look into the menu and I knew the Miso Katsu Ramen was exactly what I needed that evening. A Miso flavoured broth (I prefer this one, because it’s more aromatic) with homemade Ramen noodles, that are rolled and kneaded by hand at the Yamato’s sister-restaurant, Menma. Topped up with Chili, soy beans and spring onions, the best part is the breaded pork, which is very thin, crispy and juicy and couldn’t be more perfect – seriously! If you fancy a starter, order their Gyozas, they look mouth-watering and there is three sauces and an instruction in what proportions to mix them in front of each seat.

The waiters are very nice, sometimes not too attentive when you’re trying to order the bill, but have a smile on their face and are happy about your feedback. Don’t expect any surprising details concerning decoration: it’s simple, plain and not exciting. I don’t think it matters though, as you’ll probably be busy wil not spilling the noodles all over yourself while trying to pick them up with your chopsticks. Oh, and if you’re lucky there’ll be some professional soup-slurping Ramen eaters next to you, who will make it hard to focus on anything but that oh so lovely sound (please, mind the irony!).

My conclusion: Simple, honest place with great food! You can even go by yourself, like I did.

Good to know:
Prices: Gyoza around 7€, Ramen 12-14€
Address: Rue Francart 11, 1050 Ixelles