Celebrating resistance and solidarity

For more than ten years, Festival des Libertés has celebrated subversive, festive, creative and political forms of art. It aims at providing the spectators with an overview of the state of rights and freedom across the World, as well as encouraging both solidarity and resistance.

The 2017 will be no exception with that regard: as every year, a special focus will make the citizens more familiar with a current and relevant issue. This edition will focus on the definition of “anti-system”, often used both in Europe and America during the last political campaign. The Festival will delineate what “system” means, through a multi-field approach. It will show why it is broadly used, why it matters and how it impacts our societal and political life.

Festival des Libertés has however always been inclusive and used many forms of arts and expressions to deal with sensitive issues. You will have the chance to attend debates, to see gigs, or enjoy some theatre. Open assemblies will also allow you to get involved in current political debates such as CETA (Trade agreement between Canada and the EU).