Thirty four authors from nineteen countries launch new anthology in Brussels

On the evening of Thursday 22nd of November, a crowd of more than a hundred people gathered on the upper floor of Waterstones Brussels in great anticipation of the launch of the new Brussels Writers Circle (BWC) Anthology, The Circle.

Book launches are very special nights for any writer lucky enough to be in one of them. All BWC writers involved had dreamed of being published or having their own launch for a long time – years in some cases.  And here it was, suddenly happening, now.

At 7h pm sharp, the first innings began with the guests being welcomed by Patrick ten Brink, the Anthology Editor, followed by a series of readings from the accomplished works of some of the Brussels Writers Circle authors:



Some of the phrases that still echo in my mind include:

‘I shovelled the popcorn, poured the popcorn, served the popcorn’   Colin Walsh

‘What the hell is this?It’s some sort of ritual. It’s a bloody New Age circus!’  Jeanie Keogh



‘If you can’t do it, he’ll cut the line.’   Cynthia Huijgens

‘I’m as white as they are, just a little shorter.’    Klavs Skovsholm

‘She wore her creases and weathered skin as a badge of honour.’    T.D. Arkenberg



‘The scent of watermint, the taste of blue.’     Sarah Harrris

‘Buster barks, he’s upset but she’s not going far.’    Jay Harold

‘Strange punctuation, or symbol, like a repeated beeping, of a slow morse code.’  Patrick ten Brink


Intrigued? Visit Waterstones to get a copy of The Circle, or join the Brussels Writers’ Circle. The Circle, A Brussels Anthology is available at Waterstones as well as online from all the usual outlets. The collection, a unique collection of thirty-four emerging and prize-winning authors from nineteen countries, sharpens its largely expat outpourings of human love and beastly bombings.



It portrays our troubled yet exciting times through short story, poem, script and novel excerpts of both seasoned pros and promising newcomers.  Following the launch, The Circle was chosen for reading by the Waterstones Book Club, with a successful follow-up meet with five of the authors on the 5th of December at the Muntpunt Library.