Belgian Svilar became the youngest goalkeeper playing the Champions League

The record belonged to Iker Casillas. It is now owned by Mile Svilar. Yesterday, the Belgian became the youngest goalkeeper playing the Champions League, at 18 years and 52 days, during the game Benfica vs. Manchester United. 

Svilar landed in Lisbon two months and even if he faced the strong competition of the Brazilian emperor, Julio César, the Belgian managed to conquer the trust of Benfica’s coach, Rui Vitoria.

Mile Svilar received an encouraging review from the Special One:“‘Only a great goalkeeper could suffer this goal. I do not like goalkeepers who split their heads on the goal post. I prefer that my goalkeeper suffers a goal rather than to be on the line the 90 minutes. For me it is a great talent. This kid is a beast, a phenomenon. Benfica has a top goalkeeper. Benfica’s President should start preparing a big suitcase … they’re going to pay a lot of money for this kid” said José Mourinho, Manchester United coach.