Belgian music star Stromae became father to a baby boy

“Où t’es, où t’es, Papaoutai?” The right answer should be:  in Belgium.

In case that doesn’t ring a bell with you, this sentence refers to one of Stromae’s most famous songs. And just in case you’re not familiar with Stromae; he’s probably one of the most famous Belgians across the world today.

The 33 year-old singer has surely been quite happy over the last few days. Together with Coralie Barbier, they became parents to a little 4.1 kg boy on Sunday morning. The couple, who has been married for almost three years, has given no indication with regards to the baby’s name.


Stromae – CC


Stromae might remain inactive in terms of gigs and songs over the upcoming weeks, or even months. Although he appeared on stage earlier this year, Stromae has had a very long break from December 2016 to March 2018. He, however, got involved in the last musical album by MHD, by working on a track.

He hasn’t had any gigs recently, and has nothing planned in the near future. In case you miss Stromae’s songs, you can listen to the last track he released at the end of April, Défiler.

It is now time for him to care about other things too. Have fun Stromae!