International Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Brussels

A day to learn more about cocoa and chocolate trough conferences and our “village of chocolate artisans”

Chocolate makers, aficionados and other stakeholders of the cacao sector will have the chance on World Cacao and Chocolate Day to learn more about “bean-to-bar” chocolate, sensorial analysis and tasting, the ecological features of sea freight, the history of chocolate through the centuries and the journey from a cacao pod to a chocolate bar, in the Guichets room.



In the Courtyard, participants will have the opportunity to taste several Belgian and international bean-to-bar chocolates and meet with the local chocolatiers, most of them being chocolate makers and producing their own chocolate from scratch.


Saturday, September 29th, from 10h until 18h


House of the Capital Region
Rue Royale
1000 Brussels