Almost 30% of workers in Brussels are non-Belgians

Credits: kate.sade @kate_sade

One in seven workers in Belgium does not have Belgian nationality, according to figures released Wednesday by Acerta. This proportion has increased by 13.6% in five years.

The human resources service provider obtained data from 40,000 private sector employers, both small and large. In June of this year, 14.1% of employment contracts were concluded with a non-Belgian. In 2014, they were 12.4%.

The trend is more pronounced in Brussels, where 27.4% of workers are foreigners. Among non-Belgian workers, there are also more men (15.5%) than women (12.9%). Among the countries of the European Union, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, France and Bulgaria are the most represented among foreign workers active on the Belgian labor market. The most common non-EU foreigners come from Morocco, Turkey, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia and India.