Stop Brexit Action on Thursday 17 October

STOP BREXIT ACTION – Thursday 17 October, 12.30 to 14.00

Between Rond-Point Schuman and the Cinquantenaire Park (petite rue de la Loi). Access via the Park side.
Pro-Europa and Best for Britain are organising an event just before the European Council meeting on 17/18 October to highlight widespread opposition to Brexit among British citizens. Passionate speakers and offbeat photo opportunities will provide footage to liven up European Council coverage. #FinalSay #DitchBrexit


Speakers include:
– Naomi Smith, CEO Best for Britain
– Richard Corbett, leader of the Labour MEPs
– Irina von Weise, LibDem MEP for London
– Alessandro Fusacchia, Member of Italian Chamber of Deputies for Italians abroad
– Laura Shields of British in Europe

Photogenic ‘stunts’ and music include Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg mimics, a visual portrayal of post-Brexit difficulties with volunteers entangled in Brexit red tape and songs by local Brits and ‘EU Supergirl’, Madeleina Kay.

The event provides a platform for Brits in Brussels and elsewhere and Europeans who want Britain to stay in the EU. We call for an extension to the Article 50 deadline of 31 October to allow a referendum to take place on the government’s Leave plan vs No Brexit at all.

This is being manifested:
Lack of any democratic mandate for the Johnson-Cummings regime or for any particular Brexit and especially a no-deal;
Huge pro-European grassroots movement in the UK, emerging consensus on staying in the EU and renewing the UK’s democracy, cross-party cooperation in rejecting a no-deal, moves to form a new government, and the need to keep the UK in the EU family.