Anima Festival 2018

Anima, a celebration of the arts of animation, will once again grace Brussels with a nine-day festival showcasing the top works of animated cinema.

Celebrating its 36th birthday, this is the 37th festival its held within the city, and with multiple backers, they had the resources to give a huge and comprehensive lineup.

“We accompany the Anima Festival since 2012. BNP Paribas Fortis has close links with the film industry. Our involvement in the cinema sector is underpinned by values we share such as passion for innovation, proximity, creativity and the ambition to realize the dreams of our partners, customers, and employees. The main focus of our cinema activities is to support and promote Belgian cinema. The bank has built strong and long-lasting partnerships with the world of the 7th art in Belgium and thus contributes to boosting the sector” explains Alain De Greef, Head of Sponsoring, Events and Live Communication at BNP Paribas Fortis.

The judges have saved no expense in finding the very best animations of the year: watching 1,659 to chose its selection. In total, here is some of what the festival will have to offer: 126 short films in the national and international competitions, nine features selected in the international competition, 42 countries represented, 129 screening sessions in Brussels and animation workshops for up to 350 children.

Opening film: The Breadwinner by Nora Twoney

11-year-old Parvana, lives with her family in the heights of Kabul, devastated by war and the Taliban. Her father makes a living as a scribe in the city market, and to brighten up these dif cult times he likes to tell wonderful stories to the family. One day, he is arrested by the Taliban, which puts the survival of the family at risk as women are not allowed to go out alone to buy food. Parvana has no choice but to pretend to be a boy. She becomes the breadwinner of the family and is determined to save her father.

Although director Nora Twomey, had already worked on both The Secret of Kells and The Song of the Sea, this adaptation marks her solo directing debut. With artistic director, Reza Riahi and Stephan Roelants, producer. The new lm co-produced by Irish company Cartoon Saloon.

What’s on the menu

The festival will have special screenings and talks with directors – including Michael Dudok de Wit for his Oscar nominated “The Red Turtle” – where they elaborate on their works and creative process, as well as special categories that will be focusing on Estonian animation and animation out of Brussels.

And the festival will also host exhibitions, one featuring 12 of the original paintings from the highly appraised film Loving Vincent; a film which tells the life of Van Gogh frame by frame in paintings.

With plenty on offer and the countless list of quality productions, Anima 2018 is shaping up to be a festival of great depth. Being a worthy broadcaster to the art of animation and celebrating its 36th birthday with style.

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