The dating app that will make you love dating

Dating in the modern world is difficult, it makes us wonder how our parents did it without texting, social media, and of course dating apps. Sure, you could say we have it easy, I mean we have Tinder, but what if you’re tired of swiping left and right (more often left let’s be honest) we have the answer for you.

At first glance, newcomer The Inner Circle, sounds like a dating club that the popular kids at school use but you’d never be cool enough to get in. But when you take a closer look it’s a selective dating app for attractive, inspiring and intellectual young singles. Each member is personally approved, sieving out the time-wasters and weirdos ensuring all members are real people that you can have a great time with, and have at least some compatibility.

inner circle

Once you’ve made it into their Inner Circle, the profiles are full of gold. You can see their job and education level, a list of favourite pastimes, favourite places to go, and even individual quirks so you won’t have wonder if that cute guy likes dogs. And forget waiting for a match, you can send a message immediately to someone who catches your eye.

At its core, The Inner Circle is for busy, exciting, and enticing individuals with a strong joie de vivre – which explains why there are over 650,000 members and more than 600,000 on the waiting list.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more appealing, they host exclusive monthly dating events in the sexiest and most sought after locations in town, be it The Back Room in New York, Ramses in Madrid, or The Box Soho in London. Because unlike other dating apps, The Inner Circle think what’s the point of hitting it off online if you don’t meet offline?

Ready to find love? The Inner Circle awaits.