ANPR cameras now capable of detecting new traffic violations

ANPR cameras, capable of automatically reading vehicle licence plates, will now also be able to detect new traffic violations, according to information release by the Federal Minister of Mobility, François Bellot (MR).

Currently installed to detect mainly truckers’ infractions, the ANPR automatic cameras will now also focus on drivers of lighter vehicles.

These automatic cameras make it possible to automatically read licence plates and thus directly issue a warning to detected offenders.



As of July 1, these cameras will be able to detect: if a vehicle is in violation at a crossroads when the light has turned orange or red; if a driver has illegally entered a traffic lane; or if a driver has not obeyed a sign or ground marking prohibiting turning or turning around. Trucks that do not comply with the overtaking ban in case of bad weather conditions will also be identified and ticketed by these ANPR cameras.

Royal decrees published this Friday in the Moniteur Belge also indicate changes in punishment for certain traffic offences. In particular, driving in prohibited traffic lanes will now be a third-degree offence, punishable by a fine of 175 euros. Moreover, trucks that overtake during bad weather conditions now risk a fine of up to 116 euros.

Finally, the law surrounding emergency lanes has been modified: it is strictly forbidden to drive on them, regardless of whether there is a continuous white line on the ground.