Aperos Urbains opening season 2017

The aperos urbains opening season takes place this Friday  at the Atomium.

Imagine if every friday, you could be under the sun, listening to music, drinking a tasty cocktail with your friends, in a free open air in Brussels. Woudln’t be the best way to start the week-end? Definitely yes, and especially when it’s true. Now that Summer is almost back, isn’t it? Ok, well. If you have had a look at the weather over the last few weeks, you probably think it is a lie. Although it is not as sunny and as warm as expected at the beginning of May, the open-air summer season has already started in Brussels!

The first open-air concert was indeed held last week during the IrisFeest in Place Poelaert. But let’s forget about it and enjoy the aperos urbains every Friday from now on.

If you have been living in Brussels for few years, you might know what the aperos urbains are. It takes place every single Friday in different places in Brussels (Place Jean Rey, Cinquantenaire, Forest etc.) from May to September.

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This year, the first apero will take place in Atomium. It was supposed to be on 28 April, but because of weather reasons (we are still in Belgium!), it was postponed. If you had not planned to go there, then you have a chance again. DJs will be there to motivate you and you can grab beers at the fast bar.

This Friday, the dress code is “Hippie Chic”. Take your flowers, hairbands, colourful sunglasses, and you will then be perfectly dressed to go to Atomium for this massive first party!

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You however should be aware that the number of people who can enter is “quite” limited (5,000). If you really want to participate in the event, you then should come quite early (it starts at 5.00 pm). If you need additional information, have a look at the Facebook event here.