As of today: some vehicles risk a 350 Eur fine if they enter the Brussels Region

Starting today, 1st October, the low emission zone will move up a gear. Offenders risk a 350 euros fine.

The road signs have been up for several months now in the Brussels Region. They announced the low emission zone (LEZ) which prevents high-polluting vehicles from entering specific urban areas.



Starting today they will enter into force. Therefore, highly polluting-cars and vans that drive into Brussels risk getting fined.

For the time being, only category “Euro I” vehicles are concerned, i.e just over 2,340 vehicles. But in 2019, the diesels in category “Euro II” will also be banned. That concerns about 19,000 cars and vans.

The low-emission zone took time to enter into force due to technical concerns such as completing the network of cameras at the entrances and inside of the Region of Brussels. During July and August of this year, between 170 to 329 vehicles a day were flashed and warned.