Astana Ballet will perform tonight at BOZAR

On the Armistice Day, the Kazakhstan troupe “Astana Ballet” will perform in BOZAR within the framework of the national program “Ruhani jangiru”. The task of the creative collective of the theater is not simple: to demonstrate to the public its performing level, to present the best samples of the national and contemporary choreographic art of Kazakhstan in the world community.


The contrast program of Astana Ballet theater will be shown to the Belgian public: the ethnic notes of national culture expressed by language of plasticity will be presented in the Heritage of the Great Steppe program, one-act ballets of “Love Fear Loss”, “A Fuego lento” and a fragment from the ballet “Cleopatra”.

The Heritage of the Great Steppe program has included choreographic miniatures and fragments of ballets with a strong national color. All compositions are distinguished by richness of folk traditions, multidimensional, a huge emotional charge. They leave a deep impression by the expressive music, unique artistic images. The Heritage of the Great Steppe program allows to present the modern national ballet as the phenomenon bright, dynamically developing and unique in own way.

“Love Fear Loss” (music on songs from Edith Piaf’s repertoire, Ricardo Amarante’s choreography) – is cast by history of unusual life of Edith Piaf and penetrated by music of her songs. There, as in a mirror, the attitudes of the famous singer towards different men were reflected. The gathered songs by Piaf became the hymn of love and have conquered the world. Each duet of the ballet is connected with feelings of attachment and love, loss, and fear.

The following one-act ballet of “A Fuego lento” will tell about the first feelings of anxiety and emotional heat when you just discover the power of love. The body and desire that slowly burns inside. For everyone the world is concentrated in beloved person, and meaning of life – love (music – Lalo Chifrin, Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Choreography – Ricardo Amarante).


Also the fragment from the ballet Cleopatra will be presented to the audience (Music – Maurice Ravel, choreography – Nikolay Markelov). It is the story about the little-known period of life of the Egyptian queen when being attracted by the power, and she begins to fight for a throne against the sister Arsinoe. Cleopatra and Arsinoe seek to draw attention of the goddess of destiny Lakhesis, goddesses of fate and rulers of human life. In hands Lakhesis – a treasured symbol of the power which Cleopatra and Arsinoe dream to seize. Rendez-vous this evening at BOZAR.