Belgian artists awarded prize during the 34th Victories de la Musique ceremony

Belgian music production was honored during the 34th Victories de la Musique ceremony, a celebration of French music, as several Belgian artists received awards. They performed live from the Seine Musicale during the evening.

Belgian artist Angèle won the “Album Revelation of the year ” (Album révélation de l’année) award with her album “Brol” on Friday night in Paris. The album includes recently-famous songs such as “La thune“, “La loi de Murphy“, “Tout oublier” and “Jalousie“. The singer was nominated in this category with Foé for “Il” and Therapy Taxi for “Hit Sale”.


This is the second award won by the singer. Along with her brother, Romeo Elvis, they were awarded on the category of audio-visual creation for the video-clip of the song “Tout oublie“. The video was made by Brice VDH and Léo Walk.


Another Belgian artist, rapper Damso was awarded the Victory rap album of the year during the ceremony.