Belgian chocolate heaven in Antwerp

Belgian chocolate has long been known as the tastiest in the world. So it was high time for an innovative experience museum to celebrate our local gem: Chocolate Nation in Antwerp.

Your mouth will water the moment you begin the 60 to 90-minute journey with an audio guide through the museum of Belgian chocolate, with all its elegance, creativity, rich traditions and irresistible quality. You will travel from the plantations in the regions around the Equator via the Port of Antwerp, as the world’s largest cocoa storage port, as far as the workshops, where master chocolate makers craft the greatest of all goodies.


Fourteen themed areas and a giant fantasy machine clearly demonstrate all facets of our world-famous velvety delights: the history, traditions, brands, products and innovations. Pralines, lollies, trail mix … There are naturally some finger-licking opportunities to be enjoyed along the way.

Two fanatic lovers of this Belgian blessing, Jeroen Jespers and Mickelle Haest, were keen to reveal its magical tale. Antwerp was the obvious choice, as home to the country’s first-ever chocolate factory, which opened in 1831. Callebaut, the famous brand which has been based in Wieze since 1911, has mastered the entire craft from bean to end product for more than 100 years. However, many other brands and artisans are ready and waiting to give you a treat at Chocolate Nation.