Belgian Parliament to examine security measures after right-wing extremist attack in New Zealand

PS group leader, Ahmed Laaouej, has written to the Speaker of the House, Siegfried Bracke, to bring together the P & R Security Surveillance Committees as soon as possible. He hopes that the parliament can have, along with the Ministers of Justice and the Interior, an exchange on the state of the threat of the extreme right in Belgium in the aftermath of attacks perpetrated by a right-wing extremist in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Photo credit: DIRK WAEM/AFP/Getty Images


“Previous reports have reported a resurgence of this threat, it would be necessary to re-evaluate this risk after what happened in New Zealand, to consider whether to increase the security in some places and to review the police being deployed on the ground,” said Mr. Laaouej. “The objective is not to instil panic among the population in Belgium but to prevent a contagion effect.”

Mr. Laaouej is particularly worried about the consequences of the video broadcast by the author of the attacks in Christchurch, which filmed himself, broadcasting his act live. In the meantime, this video has become viral on social networks.

“This is the structuring element in the era of globalization, and that of information in particular,” he said.