Belgian walking sticks in a variety of colors and also…scents

From his workshop in Lillois in Walloon Brabant, master carpenter Pierre Vanherck produces works of pure craftsmanship: exclusive walking sticks. Production is limited, but the walking sticks are attracting more and more customers from far beyond Belgium’s borders.

Although, there was no indication that this electrical engineer would turn his attention to manufacturing walking sticks when he gave up his job after 18 years. Wood is his true passion. He received training from the finest craftsmen. For a while, he made high-end contemporary furniture. In 2003, he got hold of a stock of precious wood from the late 19th century which was intended for the manufacture of … that’s right, walking sticks.

In 2004, his first creation won a prize at ArtisanArt, the Brussels art crafts salon, which was the start of an unexpected and whirlwind career. If you think walking sticks are a thing of the past, you are mistaken. True, the white wood sticks grandpa used to use are passé. In addition to standard sticks for support, there is now demand for refined and timeless art objects. These include tall shafts made of rosewood, crowned with a knob encrusted with diamonds and decorated with precious metals.

Pen, whisky bottles, knives, watches or cigars can all be concealed in the knob. Striking creations for dandies to strut about with. There is even a stick which emits a pleasant scent when it detects body heat.

Did you know that Pierre Vanherck counts one of the Rothschild Barons and Pope Benedict XVI among his renowned clients?