Belgium registers a record-high temperature of 38.9°C

It was no surprise to see that the sun was radiant on Wednesday as announced by the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The temperature reached 30 degrees near the sea, around 33 or 34 on the high planes of the Ardennes, and as high as 39 degrees in the heart of the country.

The national record was broken yesterday afternoon in Kleine-Brogel – close to the Dutch border in the North-East of Belgium, where temperatures reached 38.9°C.


dry field
Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash


At 3pm this Wednesday, the Uccle station (Brussels) of the IRM picked up an hourly figure of 35.5 degrees.

One should expect Thursday to be even hotter. A sunny sky but stormy showers should not be excluded. With an overwhelming heat, the highest temperatures will rise to 38 or 39 degrees, 40 in some places.

Belgium is on red alert due to the heatwave. This alert applies to the entire territory – except for the coast – starting at midnight on Tuesday until midnight on Saturday. A few recommendations to stay safe: stay hydrated, prefer salty foods, rest, a cool room, use damp towels in case of dehydration, and avoid any direct exposure to the sun.

As a result, the Midi Fair will open at 5 p.m. – instead of 3 p.m. – this Thursday and Friday, announced the City of Brussels.