Midi Fair hosts 150 ailing children for a day of fun and caring

On Thursday, August 2nd, more than 150 ailing children will come to enjoy for free the attractions of the Midi Fair. The alderman of Economic Affairs celebrates this generous initiative.

Every year, organizers of the Foire du Midi invite associations who help ailing children to enjoy for free the attractions of the fair. “Thanks to the generosity of the fair organizers, young patients have the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments and escape from everyday life,” comments the city councilor.

The Foire du Midi organizers seek to support seven associations that aim to improve the lives of ailing children.

Justine for kids

Its main mission is to help ailing children in Belgium. The team organizes various recreational activities throughout the year (outings, trips, etc.), finances and develops projects related to hospitalization, family support and education. The long-term goal of this association is to build and fund a home that offers relaxing stays to families affected by a child’s illness or disability.

Justine for kids


Since 1999, the non-profit association Smiles is active alongside children with HIV and provides the care team of the Pediatric Department of CHU Saint-Pierre the necessary means to receive optimal care. To achieve its goals, the association organizes various events throughout the year.

smiles asbl

Sauvez mon enfant

Sauvez mon enfant is the adventure of a volunteer team that tries to improve the lives of the young patients and caregivers of the Intensive Care and Emergency Unit of Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital.
Every year, this non-profit organization awards the Marnef prize, worth 4500 euros, for the completion of a project aimed at improving the care of children in the hospital.

sauvez mon enfant


Debout avec un handicap invisible

Debout avec un handicap invisible takes care of children with rare and invisible diseases, including young patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is characterized by an abnormality of supporting tissues. This movement, which is fighting to improve the care of victims of orphan diseases, lends an ear to all patients with an invisible disease.

Debout avec un handicap



GESED is also active with children with Ehlers-Danslos Syndrome (EDS). It raises funds for medical and paramedical research, informs families, educates the medical profession, the general public and the competent authorities so that there is more awareness about EDS. For the past two years, the non-profit organization has issued two checks worth 10,000 euros for scientific research in order to better help the future of young patients.


Bikers for children

Its mission is to restore the smile on children’s faces. They might have lost it because of illness, disability or because they have difficult lives. Throughout the year, this association works all over Belgium to finance
projects for other non-profit organizations (such as Justine For Kids, Smiles, Pinocchio and Adémar), offer children rides on motorbikes, trips to Disneyland and many other things. Their motto is: To Bike For A Smile.

Bikers for children


Fondation Constant Vanden Stock

The aim of the Constant Vanden Stock Foundation is to help people who are sick, disabled or socially disadvantaged in different ways. The Foundation brings comfort to hospitalized children. In addition, it has set up a social action program allowing people from diverse backgrounds to see a better future and to benefit from a good social and academic integration.

Fondation vanden stock