Do you want to start a starp-up?

Girleek and Café Numérique are hosting an event to meet women that set up start-up companies in new technologies.

If you are a woman and you are very interested in setting up your start-up with a special focus on new technologies, you should consider to attend  The Aim on Wednesday. It will indeed be a good opportunity to have an insight into what other women did in order to build up their own-business.

girleek4networking is a magazine focused on all new-tech goods and services. The website benchmarks the new trends on the web, the new apps as well as all the updates you need to know in the Internet of things. It used to be a blog, but the team has decided few months ago to hold events as well as organise workshops on innovation and technologies.

This is why Girleek, together with Café Numérique, had the idea to organise such an event this Wednesday. Should you fancy coming, you will have the opportunity to meet with some start-up companies.

Six of them have been invited as “guest stars” for the night:

  • Pwiic: the platform of sharing services between individuals and professionals.
  • Skilliz: the first intermediation platform enabling companies to apply for the skills and services of qualified students from universities and colleges of Belgium.
  • Sweet Mama box: a box that aims to facilitate the daily life of future and young mothers.
  • Zendo: a story of 100% natural drinks for less stress and optimal concentration, thanks to its components including natural source of L-theanine, passiflora, magnesium, and B vitamins.
  • Benjago: the platform for a half price license monitor.
  • Muse to WordPress: a software destined to design your WordPress theme easily in Adobe Muse.

Please note that the event is free of charge, but you need to register before. You will find all the information here.