World Cup 2018: Belgium v France

The Red devils will play against the French today in order to reach the final of the 2018 World Cup.

Here we are, finally! Although both Belgium and France have been being very significant teams over the past few months, they were quite unlikely to play each others in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup. But an incredible victory vs. Brazil on the one hand, and a serious game vs. Uruguay on the other hand, have finally given the Belgians the opportunity to compete with their best enemy: France.

There is no reason to go on about the common history, as well as the sort of rivalry the two countries have. Although the game is firstly about football, it will surely be another deal in Brussels. As a quick reminder, the French expat community is the largest one in the Belgian capital. At the same time, dozens of thousands of Belgians also live in France. This particular game will therefore be of major importance to many of us.

Let’s come back to football. There is no accurate way of making predictions for this game. Both teams indeed have a very good background, very effective scorers and midfielders, but both have had some defensive issues since the beginning of the competition. The goalkeepers: Courtois, on the one hand, and Lloris on the other hand, have also been being very good since the World Cup has started. So, it is quite unlikely to be an unbalanced game.

Some facts, however, could be interesting. First of all, Thomas Meunier, a major Belgian player, will be suspended as he got two yellow cards during the competition. Secondly, Thierry Henry, one of the deputy Belgian coaches, knows France very well as he used to be a very important player. Finally, in the history of the World Cups, when Belgium and France played each other, Belgium has never won and France has won twice.

No need for statistics today. Please have fun on Tuesday night, and remember that the winner of the game can win the World Cup on Sunday.