Latin America is arriving to Brussels

Another week is passing by quickly, getting us closer to the weekend and, unfortunately, to the end of summer and holidays as well. It’s not time to despair yet, so let’s enjoy these last days of fun, seizing every minute of them and every occasion!

This weekend (25-27 of August) Bois de la Cambre will host another incredible event, Fiesta Latina, dedicated to the Latin American countries and to their rich cultures! Among the many countries represented at the festival, there will be Cuba, Bahamas, Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico.

The event will promote activities and shows connected to some of the most known elements of the South American states, like lucha libre, limbo, Merengue, Bachata and Samba, and to some of the most typical and characteristic elements, such as artisanal market –mercadillos. The demonstrations will be explained and performed by the students of the many schools of dance and box of Brussels. A part of the event will also cover more modern and engaging activities, such as DJs, concerts and parties.

The festival will invite the visitors also to try some of the activities performed through workshops: it could be your last chance of fighting as a luchador with a mask and a fancy costume: an occasion that cannot be missed! But if you’re not a fan of lucha libre, you could always give a try to Zumba, Salsa or Bachata. All the three dances are open to both adults and children and they are the ideal to test your sense of rhythm and have a good time!

Let Fiesta Latina inspire you with its rich tastes, its culture and its colors, introducing you to a different and unique world!