Brunch in Brussels: La Petite Production

The combination of bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and fried eggs sounds weird to you? It won’t anymore after you’ve tried brunch at La Petite Production in Ixelles. Laurent, the owner of the place knows what good coffee is (he is also the owner of My Little Cup) and so this place is the perfect set up for a good weekend brunch.

The first time I came here was when my friend Vic was visiting from Paris in January. We were quite hungry, but couldn’t really decide if we should go for something sweet or rather something salty. La Petite Production just opened back then and seemed perfect for our cravings. Once arrived, we sat down at one of the long, light wooden tables in the middle of the room. The floor is entirely covered by beige tiles and the walls are covered with bricks and some light bulbs hang down the walls, giving the place a cozy touch. We ordered an espresso and a cappuccino and started to scan the menu. The similarity to one of my favourite brunch places in Paris, Holybelly, struck me immediately. After a quick chat with Laurent it turned out that he is French, a good friend of the owners of Holybelly and that they met in Australia a couple of years ago, where the inspiration for both of the brunch places comes from.

la petite production

Enough of the chit chat, let’s talk food now. Vic and I shared two dishes, a sweet and a salty one. The sweet was represented by pancakes, topped with two fried eggs, some crispy stripes of bacon and maple syrup on top. Mhhh! The other plate is one where you can pick and choose from a bunch of ingredients. You get a piece of freshly baked sourdough toast, a side salad, two eggs any style and two sides. We went for poached eggs, sausages and potato wedges. The ingredients are fresh and tasteful and they all come from regional suppliers, which is a huge plus. The place also serves lunch, although I haven’t tried this one so far.

The place is very light, decorated in a simple and nice way. Waiters are friendly and prices are ok, maybe a bit high for some dishes. You can spend a relaxed weekend morning here, enjoying dishes with fresh and local ingredients and some cups of aromatic coffee. Place Flagey is not far from here, so have a little stroll after having finished your morning treat.


Good to know: The place is closed until the 15th of August, Rue du Couloir 5, 1050 Ixelles; website

Prices: around 14€ for a brunch plate, around 3€ for different kinds of coffees