Book on Trump by former Belgian Ambassador launched in Brussels

All books in English about Trump have two things in common: all of them are written by Americans and they focus mostly on the lives of US citizens.

Last weekend Roger Vendam, a former Belgian Ambassador, organised in Brussels the EU launch of his 250-page book about the foreign affairs aspects of the US President. In 29 chapters, he describes and analyses chronically the consequences of this erratic personality on the world during his first years in office.

Difficult to remember on what subjects and in how many parts of the world he started lighting a fire (incomplete list in alphabetical order): climate, Brexit, EU, Germany, Iran, Jerusalem, Latin America, Korea, Libya, Mexico, Middle East, multilateralism, Qatar, Refugees, Russia, Syria, UN,  Venezuela.

The intention of this book is obvious: to show especially to the US-American public that their new President is not only annoying for their own country but a danger to stability and peace around the globe.



Roger Vendam: Donald J. Trump, a chronicle, the first year of a failing and chaotic Presidency. New York: Page Publishing 2018