BEM and the Saturday night fever

Day 2 of the Brussels Electronic Marathon, and we’ve already seen quite some good concerts all around Brussels!

Shake up Brussels! Brussels Electronic Marathon is here 🎧🕺

Publié par Brussels Express sur vendredi 13 octobre 2017


Today, we move on and discover the Beat Battle Afterparty at Café Central, going on from 1:00 till 4:00 am! The idea is simple: take part in the battle and then enjoy some crazy party time! The encounter will start at 20:00 at Recyclart: for almost an hour the different contestant will play their best tricks and tracks, showing their skills and compositions, while the jury -as well as the crowd- will vote and decide who won the match. Once the winner will be selected, the party will start and several artists (such as Ninjato, SHUNGU and Solo700) will perform at the venue.



The event will finish around midnight, but the night is young and Saturday calls for fun and dances, so the party will move to Café Central. There, you will be able to dance more and listen to more artists, all for free! The event will include musicians like Polarized, Peter Clinton and TBM the beatmaker, all from different musical producers (FTRSND, Cosmic Pop and Beat Chronic respectively).