Sunday funday: modular meet and jam

The last day of the festival has arrived, but we are not wasting time and we keep on partying until the end! To conclude the festival and celebrate until the last second, Sunday don’t miss the Modular Meet and Jam at Bonnefooi.


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The event will take place in the last hours of the day, from 20:00 to 1:00, to perfectly close  a weekend of intense partying and electronic music. The location, one of the most famous and appreciated bars of the city centre, will host live improvised modular dance music. What does it mean? Well, the artists Catkin, Sensien & Holminid, Particles Will Be Waves, PRK7, Supercrysalis and Silicon Vallée will meet at Bonnefooi and jam together, improvising pieces in techo and electronic style.

The entrance is for free and it will be another perfect occasion for dancing the weekend off and to get ready for Monday morning!