Fancy a van-trip across Belgium and beyond in a Lucky Camper?

Have you thought about discovering or rediscovering Belgium?  The Lucky Campers, will allow you to go on an adventurous trip with Louis and Rusty, their vans.

The Lucky Campers is a new project, started by a young couple who love adventures, nature and discoveries.

Louis and Rusty are their vans which are available for renting, in order for you to discover the pleasure of traveling in a van. You can plan your own trip, board one of the vans, stop whenever you want and plan your own stay. This is an opportunity to discover Belgium’s forests, canals, warm dunes, as well as the local gastronomy.

If you’ve feel like you’ve already seen all of Belgium, feel free to cross the borders as the insurance covers you all over Europe.



Louis is a 1986 Volkswagen T3 which has been recently restored while making sure to retain its authenticity. It allows for a comfortable stay of 2 people. Louis is equipped with a kitchen, two gas burners, a sink with a reserve of cold water, a fridge, a table, cupboards as well as other essential kitchen utensils.



Rusty, on the other hand, dates back to 1987 and can comfortably fit up to 4 people. It is also equipped as Louis, but it has 2 more armchairs.

Both vans are also equipped with radios and a selection of maps and touristic booklets.

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