How will STIB’s new design look like?

The public transportation company STIB has started a set of works and project to improve the system and make moving around the city easier and more comfortable. It has announced the amelioration of some stops and the creation of seven new stations between Gare du Nord and Bordet, together with the adaptation of the existing infrastructure between Gare du Nord and Albert.

The biggest construction works will be done for the new metro line 3, that will connect Albert Station in Forest to Bordet Station in Evere. For the occasion, STIB is asking directly to its passengers, the citizens of Brussels, how they would like to travel on the new metro line. For the occasion, a new, long fresco has been inaugurated yesterday by Brussels’ Mobility Minister Pascal Smet, at the pre-metro station Albert, which will also be one of the end stations of the future line.

Choisissez le look de votre futur métro sur

Publié par STIB – Officiel sur mercredi 25 octobre 2017


STIB, in fact, has already placed an order for 43 new subway cars to the Spanish company CAF. The model should be exposed in Brussels during the next January, but the company still has not chosen the color. The citizens of the Belgian capital are encouraged to show their preference -until the 19th of November- on the color of the new metro cars. They can vote and show their appreciation for the silver model or for the gold one through the STIB website, through application or by scanning the QR code.