Ars in Cathedrali for the Summer

Not living the city during summer may be hard: all those tales and photos from exotic destinations seem so attractive and fascinating. You feel the need of moving around and exploring foreign countries, food and culture. Nonetheless, Brussels may be a quite valid option and it may surprise  you with numerous events, fun locations and activities. During summer, in fact, the city transforms itself and becomes a multifaceted and lively environment, more vibrant and active than its winter counterpart.

For instance, after enjoying the busy and animated festivals in the nearby cities and in Brussels, why not checking out some more calm and relaxing activities? An option could be the Summer Festival Ars in Cathedrali, in the Saint Michel and Sainte Gudula Cathedral. The majestic church in gothic “Brabançon” style is hosting, every Tuesday at 20:00 from the 11th of July to the 29th of August, the Ars in Cathedrali.

The festival is focused on music: it aims at supporting the art and making it more accessible. The concerts and styles are varied: from vocal to instrumental music, from Bach to the more contemporary Buxtehude; saxophones will perform with the organ, or the organ will pair up with the piano; the pieces will vary and will be either written or improvised. There will be pieces in German or French styles, as well as baroque or impressionist tracks. The Festival will be full of confrontations, options and inspiring concerts. If you are interested and would like to book a seat, email and follow the instructions listed on the website.

The festival offers a nice, relaxing and cultural option to those who stayed in Brussels or that are visiting the city during summer. It unites a great location, a beautiful church of the 13th century, with fascinating musical pieces, rich in influences and styles.