Brussels is a Plaizier

Bozar is hosting an exhibition about the history of Brussels over the last 50 years, from the June, 16 to September, 10. If you are interested in having an insight into your neighbourhoods a few decades ago, it could be worth attending it.

How was Schuman 50 years ago? Do you know what the “étangs d’Ixelles” looked like in the 80’s? If you have a look at your city, you perfectly realise that it is always changing, as many works have been implemented for years and years.

Should you be interested in history, or even if you want to know a bit more about your city and your neighbourhood, you might have a look at what Bozar offers to you over the coming weeks.

Wijnand Plaizier is a famous publishing house, which prints pictures and postal cards in Brussels. The company has also been delivering calendars and books since 1977. It indeed celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2017, and this is why Bozar decided to set up an event with all the work Plaizier has been delivering.

If you decide to escape the warmth and pop down at this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to see about 700 artistic pictures and 56 posters of Brussels. The urban transformations as well as the architectural works are represented there. And you can have a special focus on the 1950’s, as it is the main Plaizier’s speciality. From North to South, you also can be introduced to the 1958 universal exhibition that took place in Brussels, near Heysel (reminder: the Atomium was built for this international event).

It is not only about history of Brussels. It is also about discovering how the Brusselians have been perceiving their city and the changes that took place since the end of the WWII.

Should you be interested in going to this exhibition, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday and it will cost you from €4 to €6 (€2 if you are a job seeker or if you are up to 26 years-old). You will find more information on the BOZAR’s website.