The BEM is here: shake up Brussels!

The Brussels Electronic Marathon is finally here!

After an intense countdown, the second edition of the festival is in town and it has displayed a number of great events all around Brussels! The first one, that is going to start this edition and pave the way to the others, will be held tonight at Flagey, from 20:00 to 23:00.

The event will focus on the performance of Fennesz and Lillevan, who will give a personal -and electronic- re-interpretation of Terry Riley’s track “In C” by the musical project Béton. The show will include an audiovisual performance, that will strengthen and complete the musical component.

Fennesz (Christian Fennesz) is one of the most known and appreciated musicians on the electronic scene. The Austrian author started his career in the 90s and developed his own style and understanding of electronic music in the Viennese techno environment. He is famous for his sumptuous and luminant creations, which tend to recreate amplified and enriched natural sounds, such as the atmospheric changes or the sounds of the forest. Fennesz collaborated with numerous artists, musicians, filmmakers and dancers, hosting numerous performances and presenting always something unique and revolutionary.


Lillevan, on the other hand,  is an animation, video and media artist. Starting from an eclectic and multifaceted background focused mostly on cinema and movies, he ran some clubs in Berlin for a while, before deciding to go back to movies and express what for him was lacking in the mainstream production. For Lillevan, images are the best and most effective form of communication and can create a dialogue with the viewer, underlining certain details and aspects of the performance to express a complex concept.


BEM will start tonight with an explosive performance, that will surely make you reconsider electronic music, presenting it in a totally different light!