Brussels Airport near the bottom and Charleroi Airport near the top of new global airport ranking

A new ranking of the world’s most popular airports by AirHelp, the world-renowned air passenger consumer protection company, has placed Brussels Airport 115th and Charleroi Airport 15th out of 132 airports worldwide.

To construct its ranking, AirHelp evaluated airports according to three weighted criteria: first, flight punctuality (60% of the final score); second, the quality of the airport’s customer service and cleanliness (20%); and third, the quality of the airport’s catering and shopping services (20%).



Brussels Airport fares poorly because of lack of punctuality

Brussels Airport’s disappointing performance was primarily due to its poor punctuality score of 6.2/10. (AirHelp’s rating methodology specifies that a flight is punctual when it takes off within 15 minutes of the stated departure time and lands within 15 minutes of the scheduled time of arrival.) This result represents a significant decline compared to last year’s score of 7.2/10.

On the other hand, Brussels Airport’s customer service and cleanliness score actually improved relative to last year (7.8/10 vs 7.4/10), as did its score for its catering and shopping services (7.7/10 vs 6.9/10).

As for Charleroi Airport, its overall ranked position of 15th represents a significant improvement compared to its performance last year, when it finished in 96th place. (141 airports were analyzed in 2018, compared to 132 this year.)

Doha’s Hamad International Airport, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, and Athens International Airport make up the top three airports in this year’s ranking, while Lisbon Airport finished bottom.