Brazil’s elections: Bolsonaro also wins in Belgium

Several hundreds of Brazilians showed up at the election polls on Sunday October 28th.

It is estimated that 40,000 Brazilians live in Belgium and 7,000 in Luxembourg. But the first round had only 3,995 registered voters and 2,001 votes at the polls. Even so, Ambassador Julius Caesar Zelner of the Brazilian Consulate in Brussels celebrated high turnout this year, with more than half the registered voters, “this surprised us, a happy surprise.”

On Sunday October 28th, the movement was less intense than in the first round and, with more organization, voters were not taking as long to register for the vote.

Some young Brazilians, living in Belgium, are voting for the first time.

“I think a Bolsonaro victory will give voice to a part of the population that has outdated, racist, misogynist thoughts, opinions that have no place in modern society and do not improve one’s life,” said a 19-year old Brazilian, who preferred not to be named.



In the first round PSL candidate Jair Bolsonaro won in Brussels with 930 votes, followed by Ciro Gomes of the PDT with 367 votes and Fernando Haddad of the PT with 256 votes.