Fresh atelier Delhaize: the new way of shopping?

Delhaize, the famous Belgian supermarket chain, has launched a new type of shop, Fresh atelier, which aims at attracting new types of customers.

The concept seems quite simple. While the supermarkets are used to being criticized with regard to the fact that the products are not fresh, the Belgian company is trying to challenge those preconceptions.

The Fresh atelier shops should be quite small, about 100 square meters, and will be located in town, to make them as urban and as accessible as possible. Then, the shops will be equipped with a dedicated area to prepare dishes, snacks and smoothies. Delhaize underlines that the dishes will be both fresh and healthy. You can also find coffee machines or salad bars.

Delhaize has also looked at new ways of innovation when it was setting up this new model of shops. The customers will be able to order all the products that the massive supermarkets offer, and to pick them up the day after at Fresh atelier. In case you know what you want to purchase, this possibility may reduce the times you need to go shopping.



The Fresh atelier will also provide you with all the typical items a supermarket is used to offering from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm everyday.

7 or 8 persons will be employed in every shop, while the checkout will be automatic. And as of February next year, you will be able to pay via smartphone.

A first one has been inaugurated last Wednesday, in the presence of Philippe Close, the mayor of Brussels, in the Ravenstein Galleries. A second shop should open in December in Leuven. And Delhaize plans to set up 200 shops across Belgium over the three upcoming years.