Brussels Airport provides carbon-neutral transport to Paradise City Festival

Brussels Airport is the proud sponsor and sustainability partner of the most eco-conscious Belgian festival, Paradise City, in neighbouring Steenokkerzeel. To help the festival achieve its green ambitions, Brussels Airport is deploying several electric buses to take the visitors to and from the festival. This eco-electro combination has proven a success: the festival is celebrating its fifth anniversary in the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 July at the idyllic Ribeaucourt castle.

During the 3 days of the festival, Brussels Airport will be deploying 4 electric buses free of charge between the festival, Brussels and Vilvoorde. It is estimated that each day around 600 festival visitors will make use of this shuttle service. The airport is also funding a solar-powered generator that will supply power to one of the stages.



“Better a good neighbour nearby than a brother faraway as the saying goes. Brussels Airport is therefore happy to support Paradise City Festival in the neighbouring municipality of Steenokkerzeel in its effort to limit the ecological footprint of the festival to a minimum. Thanks to our electric buses, the visitors to the festival can make use of a carbon-neutral way of travelling to the festival. And as energy sponsor, Brussels Airport is funding one of the generators that will allow the stages to run on solar energy,” says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

“As a green festival, we need strong partners to achieve our sustainability goals. Each year, we try to further reduce the carbon footprint of our festival. One of the challenges is to get visitors to the Perk castle grounds in the most carbon-neutral way possible. That is why we are delighted that Brussels Airport, our neighbour, will be supporting us with their electric buses to carry visitors free of charge from Brussels and Vilvoorde and back again. In addition, they are supplying our main stage with solar energy. Brussels Airport has the carbon-neutral label, just as we do.”

Paradise City Festival will take place at Ribeaucourt Castle in Perk in Steenokkerzeel on Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July. For a list of the measures taken by Paradise City to reduce its ecological footprint, please visit

On the website, the organisers openly share the report drawn up by CO2-Logic about the 2018 festival

Those who can’t attend the Paradise City Festival can still get a taste throughout the summer of the unique Belgian festival tradition during the “Festival vibes” at Brussels Airport. Festival visitors from around the world will immediately get into a festival mood on their arrival at Brussels Airport and departing passengers will be waved off with a musical farewell.