Brussels-based electric-bicycle startup “Cowboy” to offer insurance against bicycle theft

The Brussels-based electric bicycle start-up “Cowboy” is launching an insurance policy for its customers to help deal with bicycle theft.

As of now, Cowboy announces that all users of its electric bicycle benefit free of charge from the “Easy Rider Basic” plan, which includes the “Find My Bike” feature, in order to geolocate its bicycle from the Cowboy application. Two other paid insurance plans are also provided by the company: the Easy Rider Standard plan protects against theft of their bike, and allows them to report theft and obtain priority access to customer support via the Cowboy app; and the Easy Rider Plus plan protects against vandalism or damage to the bike. These services are charged from 8 euros per month (for the Easy Rider Standard plan) to 10 euros per month (for the Easy Rider Plus plan).



Cowboy points out that this insurance, offered in collaboration with Qover, covers bicycles in locked spaces and on public roads, as long as the bicycle is attached to a fixed point with an anti-theft device. Moreover, the insurance contracts are valid in the event of a claim in the countries of the European Union, the Principalities of Andorra and Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.