City of Brussels organizes ‘horticulture in the city’ workshops

From February to November 2019 at various locations in Brussels. In French and Dutch.

Want to grow your own vegetables and fruit, in your garden, on your balcony or around the building where you live? Brussels Environment (and the Eco Advice Unit of the City of Brussels) offer free initiation workshops ‘Cultivation in the city’. On the program:

Workshops in the spring

The workshops in the spring will take place from 23 February to 15 June 2019 with different themes:

  • Peas, tomatoes and beans
  • My vegetable garden on 1 m2
  • My natural vegetable garden
  • My aromatic plants
  • My vegetable garden on the balcony
  • My vegetable garden in open field
  • My forgotten vegetables
  • Salads throughout the year
  • My chickens in the city


By: Noah Buscher – Unsplash

Workshops in the fall

The workshops in autumn take place from 10 September to 20 November 2019 with different themes:

  • My garden in permaculture
  • My mushroom is growing
  • My vegetable garden in my kitchen
  • My fruit garden


More info and inscriptions: