New web radio at the Brussels Park: Kiosk Radio

The small kiosk of the Brussels Park (Parc de Bruxelles – Warandepark) now has its own radio station. Kiosk Radio will broadcast music from Belgian DJs, labels and artists’ collectives and occasionally also international artists. There is a broadcast each day between 2 pm and 6 pm, online via and Facebook Live.

Since March 2017, both kiosks of the Brussels Park have been run by four initiators. They offer quality food and organize entertainment (concerts, storytelling for children,…). In addition, they have also set up a web radio in the small renovated kiosk, together with a team of music fans.

Listeners can watch the studio online via three cameras. Hikers in the park can also look inside through the large windows of the kiosk.

Inspired by the New Yorker radio “The Lot Radio”, this radio is broadcast online on and Facebook Live, every afternoon between 14h and 18h. “The internet tool makes it possible to democratize the launch of a radio. Listeners can see the studio online by installing three cameras or walking in the Royal Park since the kiosk has large windows, “said Thanh Lam, from Kiosk Radio team. “We bring in the best Belgian DJs and have plans to create a platform for music lovers. “

The Radio Kiosk team consists of Mickaël Bursztejn (aka DJ Mickey), Nicolas Bucci (artistic director of Bonnefooi and the Forest Sounds Festival), Jim Becker (aka DJ Bim Jecker), Thomas Kok (of the café La Maison du Peuple, Chez Franz & Chez Richard) and Thanh Lam (of Tigre and Mr Wong).