Where are we in nutrition?

If we read the blogs and the magazines the common lines in nutrition are:

  • X can solve all your illnesses
  • Y is ‘evil’ – if you eat that you are killing yourself
  • Z is the magic ingredient to ‘burn fat’, ‘help you live longer’, ‘be happy’

Basically it is all black or white, good or evil. It’s simplistic, it’s misleading and it’s harmful.

Even after decades of talking about weight-loss, people are still getting bigger. We know many diseases are linked to what we put into our bodies but we still fail to guide people in a wiser way to know more about who they are and how their bodies work.

We continue to post photographs of fake women’s bodies (and men’s too) and fail to acknowledge that studies are telling us that 9 out of 10 women dislike, or even hate, their own bodies and 8 out of 10 women are on a ‘diet’.

So here is my take on what is important at the moment in the world of food, bodies and nourishment:

Healthy Food

Trust yourself (not the ‘experts’)

This is why I am a coach. I am here to guide people to understand their own bodies. I am here to give information, to help you to understand yourself and to equip you to be your own best ‘nutritionist’ – FOR LIFE! Foods are not intrinsically ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but they can make you feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I want you to learn that for yourself. This is empowering and so important for your own relationship to your body and in the end your life and happiness.

Have a beginner’s mind

This is a great concept in meditation and requires us to approach each day, each meal, each gap between a meal with genuine curiosity. How does this food or supplement really make you feel? How is your energy today? Note, smile, learn…

Don’t get hooked on one system

You are unique, the way to feel better in your body is to find your own unique internal rhythm and music. Trust yourself… Don’t think that following someone else’s theory dogmatically is going to be your answer – your answer will be YOUR answer. So read and learn and test out ancient or new theories but with the beginner’s mind… see how it feels for you.

Remember what health is!

Health is not a goal in itself – it is the path to achieve all your goals. Health is being able to stay ‘yes’ to life – over and over again. It is respecting yourself and your life. We often see a health issue as a problem, but really it is a symptom of something deeper – of our bodies asking us to get interested and give some attention. Health is a journey for life…

You deserve the best – be a “Qualitarian”

When you are looking what to put into your body, keep one label only – a “qualitarian”. Choose the very best you can find and afford. Go local, organic, seasonal. Choose real food and not edible products. Choose preparing yourself over pre-prepared. Think how did my grandma or great grandma eat? Simplify life – good ingredients don’t need much doing to them in order to taste great!

And lastly, have fun… after all we human beings are supposed to enjoy food and this is YOUR LIFE.