Welcome to Wonderland: Hallerbos

Half an hour away from Brussels, it is definitely worth going to Bois de Hal (Hallerbos) over the upcoming two weeks.

Would you like to have a short escapade? Looking forward for a bit of sun in the woods? Do you also like flowers? If you answered yes to these three questions (or even two out of them), you would surely love going to Hallerbos over the upcoming days! Although you have not been there yet, you have probably heard about it, as this is a very attractive escapade in Belgian spring.

Hallerbos hosts thousands of jacinth and blue flowers. Every year, these jacinth start flowering over the second half of April. Luckily (or not, it is up to you!), the jacinths have flowered a bit before in 2017. While the sun has come back last weekend, it is then a perfect opportunity to discover a wonderful piece of Belgian nature.

As the beeches do not have leaf yet, the sun then easily can get into the wood. And as the ground is full of flowered jacinths, you will have the feeling to see a huge and endlessly blue carpet in the whole wood. Even if one full day might be a bit too long, popping down there and have a three-hour walk is quite perfect.

As hundreds and hundreds of both Brusselians and tourists from all over the world are used to come there every year, you probably should have a tour there during the week, if possible. Another point, if you are a fan of photography, it is really worth going to Hallerbos for the sunrise or sunset. If you are lucky, you will have very good pictures.

Should you be interested, you have several options. Either you can take your car or you can take a train and then a shuttle from the Hal station to Hallerbos. You also can ride your bike, it is only 20 kilometres away from Brussels.