World Cup 2018: Denmark

Before the 2018 World Cup starts in Moscow next June 14, Brussels Express will present all EU national teams involved in the competition. Chapter IV: Denmark.

1992 is far away, that’s true. But still. 1992 sounds “achievement” to the Danish football fans. Peter Schmeichel and Brian Laudrup’s mates indeed surprised the whole Europe by winning the UEFA Euro Cup vs. Germany in final.

The Danish national team is quite unlikely to achieve such a performance in Russia, but you never know what can happen. After they missed out the 2014 World Cup, the Danish football players will surely be keen to show they are back. Although France should be a very very serious rival, passing the first round, which also involves Australia and Peru, could be doable.

No expert today expects Denmark to be a very challenging outsider, so let’s wait and see.

Denmark Football

Key Player: Kasper Schmeichel

Is Danish goalkeeper an issue of family? It is worth wondering such a question, as Kasper Schmeichel could be a national hero if Denmark goes further in June/July. Kasper Schmeichel is indeed the Peter Schmeichel’s son, who used to play for Manchester City and Manchester United. Although Kasper has not won (yet?) the UEFA Champion’s League, he was a very active participant to the surprising adventure of Leicester, which won the Premier League in 2016. Let’s then have a look at the Kasper’s games over the next weeks.


16 June – Peru vs. Denmark.

21 June – Denmark vs. Australia.

26 June – Denmark vs. France.

Places to watch the games in Brussels:

the Danish community gathered there for the decisive qualifying games last November. it seems the owner has decided to welcome the Danish expats for the games during the World Cup. Should you come with a Danish shirt, you might get €1 discount on pints.