Portuguese fashion displayed in Brussels

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most important industries for the Portuguese economy. It represents 10% of the Portuguese total exports. In 2016, Portuguese textile exports surpassed the five billion euro barrier, hitting a record since 2001, when the sector had twice as much business and employment. A record was beaten again in 2017 thanks to a 4% growth, above the 2,5% estimated by the government.

In this framework, the national association for clothing and textile (ATP) together with the agency for investment and external commerce from Portugal (AICEP) organised a promotional evening in Brussels in order to brand the portuguese sustainable fashion and convince Belgian investors to invest in Portugal.

” The aim of our visit is to reinforce the external communication of one of the most dynamic and exporting sectors of the Portuguese economy. Today, our companies are renowned for their know-how, creativity, flexibility, service and strong commitment to sustainability” explained Paulo Vaz, General Director of ATP.

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Paulo Vaz, ATP General Director, together with Maria Manuel Branco, AICEP Director in Brussels – Copyright: Tony da Silva

Fashion from Portugal 4.0

Fashion from Portugal 4.0 is the brand new campaign for the upcoming years. And Belgium is invited to explore this opportunity. “In 2016 and 2017 we focused our attention in four main markets: Germany, Spain, the Nordic countries and the United States. The excellence of the previous project exceeded all expectations and was publicly acknowledged when it received the European Enterprise Promotion Award (EEPA). We want to reinforce our positions in those markets and invest in new ones. Namely in Belgium” continued Paulo Vaz.

Multiple companies, designers and investors from Belgium attended this evening. Portuguese Ambassador António Alves Machado underlined that 2018 is an important year for the relationship between Belgium and Portugal. “Last month King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium payed a state visit to Portugal. I’m very happy to see that in multiple fields our cooperation remains extremely alive”.

Maria Manuel Branco, AICEP Director in Brussels stressed: “We stand available to help any Portuguese company interested in getting to know the Belgium market. This evening was a perfect example of what we can do”.

The work of the Portuguese fashion designer Katty Xiomara was displayed during the evening