Celebration of Uzbekistan’s Constitution in Brussels

Uzbekistan celebrates this week the 26th anniversary of the adoption of its Constitution.

The adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 8, 1992 was an important historical milestone for the country’s independent development. Throughout all these years, the Constitution has serves as a solid foundation for establishing a democratic state with a strong civil society, the building economy based on free market principles and rule of law, ensuring a peaceful and prosperous life for people, and strengthening the role of Uzbekistan as a responsible partner in the world community” stressed Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov.

Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium

“The Republic of Uzbekistan is on an important stage of radical and dynamic transformations. Our goal is strengthening and further developing a democratic law-governed state with an open and socially-oriented market economy and vibrant civil society, in which the main value are rights, freedom and legal interests of individual” he concluded.

Uzbekistan is an independent nation since 1991, following the colapse of the Soviet Union. Former President, Islam Karimov declared Uzbekistan independent from the USSR on August 31, 1991.