Belgian Government in crisis over UN Migration Pact

The vote on the UN Migration Pact is resulting in a serious crisis in Belgium

The Federal chamber has shown intentions to vote in favour of the UN Migration Pact without the support of the N-VA. This stance is not surprising after several leaders of the N-VA have expressed their strong opposition over the last days. “Belgium should not adhere” to the Pact, Theo Francken, the State secretary for Asylum and Migration, stated on Thursday morning. “The Pact is not binding, but it is not legally risk-free,” he added. He, however, did not mention any possibility to leave the government.


Theo Francken


The debate on the Migration Pact has been in the air for several days, and it resulted in a difficult position for Charles Michel (MR). While the Belgian Prime Minister, as well as the CD&V and Open Vld parties, have been supporting the Global Compact Migration; the N-VA, which is a very significant ally in the current government, has been being fighting against it.

On Wednesday, the “External relations” committee of the Chamber had approved the text, with the support of an alternative majority, composed with MR, CD&V, Open Vld, cdH, the Green party as well as sp.a.

Although some political leaders were not sure about the participation of the N-VA during the debate ahead of the vote at the Federal chamber, Jan Jambon, the minister for Home affairs, came.




Bart de Wever, who leads the N-VA, has told on Monday his political family would resign from the government in case the Pact is approved by the Chamber.

Will the vote result in a massive crisis, the end of the current government and new elections?

On the night of Saturday, December 8th, an exceptional meeting at the Belgian Federal Parliament was held.

Stay tuned.