Brussels Chopin Days

Music lovers in Brussels always have a quite rich range of options and events to liven up their nights out and enjoy some unforgettable concerts. The city offers concerts, parties and festivals focused on music during all the year, exploring different genres and possibilities. Classical music lovers are not excluded and can choose from a fair range of options, that mix original classical piece from great composers to new tracks inspired by the great maestri.

This week, on the 25th of November, Brussels will set up in the Hall of the Conservatory of Brussels the second round of the Brussels Chopin Days. The festival was started in 2013 and has reached, this year, its 5th edition. The idea was born out of love for Chopin’s music and aimed to preserve and encourage young people’s interest in Chopin’s musical heritage. The event foresees only pieces composed by Chopin and is organized in a way for which a single piece is never played twice, making of the event a unique opportunity to discover more about the author’s different musical masterpieces.

Brussels Chopin Days soon became an established festival in the Belgian classical music scene, appreciated and loved by a growing public; it is for this reason that in 2016 the event turned into  a concert cycle of 4 full recitals per season, and the ‘Day’ in the title changed into ‘Days’.

The event hosts talented pianists from all over the world, who perform Chopin’s pieces, bringing them back to life again. This year, four Chopin-recitals will be given by 4 of the most promising young talents of their generation: Vestard Shimkus, Plamena Mangova, Alexander Buzlov, Evgeni Bozhanov, and Lukas Geniusas.