Brussels’ Grand-Place returns to its roots as a market for “I Love My Market”

The city of Brussels Grand-Place will once again ring out with the cries of vendors and permeate the scent of fresh food as 30 market sellers and 15 open-air markets fill the square on May 3rd for the second year to serve local and Belgian produce.

The UNESCO heritage Grand-Place is the medieval centre of the city of Brussels and is one biggest tourist attractions of the city as well as consistently being voted one of the prettiest squares in the world. Now, after many years, it returns to to it’s original function: a market.

Brussels Grand Place

The event at the Grand-Place “Market of Markets” begins on the opening day of the international campaign “I Love My Market” and aims to raise the profile of open-air food markets by stressing the often forgotten social aspects to buying as well as offering quality, local produce. Brussels has included a variety of events ranging from music concerts to raffles and workshops for this event.

40 additional markets will be participating in I Love My Market around Brussels and Wallonia with the same aim of promoting local and quality produce.