Brussels Museums Nocturnes III

The 17th edition of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes is proceeding, offering to the viewers the great opportunity of seeing the best Brussels museums by night! The initiative started on the 14th of September and it will continue until the 7th of December. It involves around 68 museums, offering a selection of around 5 of them every Thursday.

This week, Brussels Museums Nocturnes will open up by night seven different museums around the city:  the Museum of Erotic and Mythology, the Jewish Museum, the Egmont Palace, the Art & Marges Musée-Museum, the Halle Gate, the Braille Museum and the Albert Couvreur pharmaceutical Collection.

The Museum of Erotic and Mythology is set in a charming 18th-century house in Sablon, and it presents the fantastic history of erotic art from Ancient times to present day. The private collection exposes some rare works of art, such as: ivory statues, paintings, Japanese prints and pieces by Belgian artists amongst others.

The Jewish Museum is now hosting the expo “Brussels: a Safe Haven?”, that portraits the migrants’ situation in Belgium and Brussels since the end of the 19th century. The museums also hosts the “Be an African Queen. Osez le Foulard”, that will create for each visitor a unique colorful crown and a quick beauty treatment.

From now on, it's only art if I can walk on it!

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The Egmont Palace will open its door for free tonight, giving to the visitors the opportunity of admiring where the heads of state are received. Don’t miss the chance to see the luxury and style of the palace!

The Art & Marges Musée-Museum will introduce the artists of La “S” Grand Atelier and will present an exhibition focused on the great art of comics.

The Halle Gate hosts the exhibition “Little life”, focused on antique dollhouses and toys from the 1900 and will give the possibility to access to the panorama Brussels by night.

The Braille Museum will open up its doors to show to the visitor the importance and actuality of the Braille method.

Lastly, the Albert Couvreur pharmaceutical Collection, in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, will unveil the mysteries of pharmacy, of  its weird instruments, fine china and rare ancient books. Take part to the workshops throughout the evening on molecular gastronomy and scientific experiments by students.