Did you know that you could receive a traffic fine from a STIB agent?

Did you know that a STIB agent is allowed to fine those who do not comply with the road regulations and create disruptions in public transport?

That might seem a bit surprising, but over than 500 STIB agents have this ability, and about 50 of them have been being working on that as a main task. This sort of ticket might be issued when you park your car on the tram ways, or when you drive on a bus lane.

STIB agents have fined more than 8,000 offenders of road regulations last year.

As you might realize on the daily basis, the drivers in Brussels are often not very much in line with the traffic rules. Therefore, the fines issued by STIB agents for non-compliance with the rules are not exceptional. Not at all.


By STIB Officiel on Facebook


RTBF reported that more than 8,000 tickets have then been issued in 2018. It amounts to over 20 tickets a day! It also reports that more than half of them have been issued because of the use of bus lanes. And the drivers then had to pay EUR 58.

Although there’s absolutely no excuse to break the rules, please be aware that you might be fined by STIB agents.